Dubrovnik – The Pearl of the Croatian Adriatic

“The Pearl of the Adriatic” as it’s sometimes called, Dubrovnik is a great holiday resort destination for many sailing enthusiasts, a fact which explains the significance of its name “the town that came from the sea”. Founded in the 7th century, it’s a town full of historical buildings, interesting sites and a long tradition of catering to foreign tourists.

For sailors, the first impression is always a lasting one because of the 25m tall walls which surround the old city port and which also act as a promenade for tourists. This is a unique thing among the city-ports that border the Adriatic shores and probably one of the things that makes people come back here year after year.

The top sightseeing objectives in Dubrovnik are the Renaissance architectural masterpieces of Sponza Palace, the Rector’s Palace or the St. Saviour’s church and the Franciscan Monastery. This monastery is particularly interesting because of its still functioning pharmacy which sells creams and other medicine made according to centuries-old recipes from local plants.

The shopping scene in Dubrovnik is dominated by the old craft of the artisans here specializing in weaving a wide range of products, from tablecloths to handkerchiefs and napkins, according to old methods. Once purchased, these can later become not only useful objects around the house, but also souvenirs from your trip to Croatia.

If you’d to try a taste of the Dalmatian cuisine, you’ll need to head to the old town where you’ll find numerous establishments that serve dishes made from old recipes with fresh ingredients taken from the neighboring sea and the neighboring regions. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have to pay more than in other places in Croatia, as Dubrovnik is considered to be a top tourist destination.

After dark, when you’re searching for a good time out, the Stradun promenade or the Lapad is where you need to go. If you’re searching for a good club, you must to explore the narrow streets of the old town and follow some of the locals as well as the loud music, which will surely take you on the right path.

Similar to other popular resorts in Croatia, say Split, Dubrovnik gets rather crowded during the summer months. In August there is a Sumer Festival which dates back from 1949 and has live concerts and open air theater plays in the main plazas around town.  Then there’s a Film Festival in May, a carnival in February the famous yacht charter regatta in November, that usually draws large crowds of yacht charter enthusiasts and big names from the sailing industry.

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