Chartering a yacht in Biograd

The name of this great Croatia resort translates as “white city by the sea”, a clear reference to the small peninsula it sits on which overlooks the Planac and Sveta Katarina islands. Biograd was at one point the capital city of the Croatian medieval kingdom but today it just stands as testimony of its former greatness, an attraction for tourists.

BiogradThe former residence of kings, today Biograd, much like other cities along the Adriatic coast, Split, Dubrovnik or Zadar, is perfect for a sailing holiday thanks to the natural beauty of the region which includes many national parks, the cultural and recreational facilities and the long traditions of entertaining foreign visitors.

The main sights in town are the 11th century St. John’s Basilica, the history museum on the water front which has some ancient boats on display there and the tropicarium with its exotic fish and reptile species. Keep in mind that the neighboring Kornati Archipelago is one of the naturally beautiful regions in all of the country.

For a feel of the local atmosphere one needs only to travel to the waterfront and take a look at all the restaurants and shops there, the local crowds and he is immediately immersed in that Dalmatian lifestyle. The celebrated Dalmatian cuisine is rich in textures and flavors taken from the sea, with simple yet tasty recipes that reveal the continental heritage but also keep true to the Mediterranean influences.

After dark, there are many places along the promenade which will keep our yacht charter sailor busy and entertained. Among the partying crowds you’ll find there are bars, restaurants, clubs and wine bars, venues with live music that offer alternatives depending on the mood and tastes of the tourists.

Having a solid maritime tradition, yacht charter Biograd is famous in this part of the Mediterranean for its marinas, the regattas they organize and the boat shows that draw crowds of enthusiasts on a regular base which include important names from the yachting industry. The most important one of these events happening in Biograd takes place in October so make sure you plan your holiday around that date if you’re into yachts and sailing.

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