Dubrovnik – The Pearl of the Croatian Adriatic

“The Pearl of the Adriatic” as it’s sometimes called, Dubrovnik is a great holiday resort destination for many sailing enthusiasts, a fact which explains the significance of its name “the town that came from the sea”. Founded in the 7th century, it’s a town full of historical buildings, interesting sites and a long tradition of catering to foreign tourists.

For sailors, the first impression is always a lasting one because of the 25m tall walls which surround the old city port and which also act as a promenade for tourists. This is a unique thing among the city-ports that border the Adriatic shores and probably one of the things that makes people come back here year after year.

The top sightseeing objectives in Dubrovnik are the Renaissance architectural masterpieces of Sponza Palace, the Rector’s Palace or the St. Saviour’s church and the Franciscan Monastery. This monastery is particularly interesting because of its still functioning pharmacy which sells creams and other medicine made according to centuries-old recipes from local plants.

The shopping scene in Dubrovnik is dominated by the old craft of the artisans here specializing in weaving a wide range of products, from tablecloths to handkerchiefs and napkins, according to old methods. Once purchased, these can later become not only useful objects around the house, but also souvenirs from your trip to Croatia.

If you’d to try a taste of the Dalmatian cuisine, you’ll need to head to the old town where you’ll find numerous establishments that serve dishes made from old recipes with fresh ingredients taken from the neighboring sea and the neighboring regions. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have to pay more than in other places in Croatia, as Dubrovnik is considered to be a top tourist destination.

After dark, when you’re searching for a good time out, the Stradun promenade or the Lapad is where you need to go. If you’re searching for a good club, you must to explore the narrow streets of the old town and follow some of the locals as well as the loud music, which will surely take you on the right path.

Similar to other popular resorts in Croatia, say Split, Dubrovnik gets rather crowded during the summer months. In August there is a Sumer Festival which dates back from 1949 and has live concerts and open air theater plays in the main plazas around town.  Then there’s a Film Festival in May, a carnival in February the famous yacht charter regatta in November, that usually draws large crowds of yacht charter enthusiasts and big names from the sailing industry.

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Chartering a yacht in Biograd

The name of this great Croatia resort translates as “white city by the sea”, a clear reference to the small peninsula it sits on which overlooks the Planac and Sveta Katarina islands. Biograd was at one point the capital city of the Croatian medieval kingdom but today it just stands as testimony of its former greatness, an attraction for tourists.

BiogradThe former residence of kings, today Biograd, much like other cities along the Adriatic coast, Split, Dubrovnik or Zadar, is perfect for a sailing holiday thanks to the natural beauty of the region which includes many national parks, the cultural and recreational facilities and the long traditions of entertaining foreign visitors.

The main sights in town are the 11th century St. John’s Basilica, the history museum on the water front which has some ancient boats on display there and the tropicarium with its exotic fish and reptile species. Keep in mind that the neighboring Kornati Archipelago is one of the naturally beautiful regions in all of the country.

For a feel of the local atmosphere one needs only to travel to the waterfront and take a look at all the restaurants and shops there, the local crowds and he is immediately immersed in that Dalmatian lifestyle. The celebrated Dalmatian cuisine is rich in textures and flavors taken from the sea, with simple yet tasty recipes that reveal the continental heritage but also keep true to the Mediterranean influences.

After dark, there are many places along the promenade which will keep our yacht charter sailor busy and entertained. Among the partying crowds you’ll find there are bars, restaurants, clubs and wine bars, venues with live music that offer alternatives depending on the mood and tastes of the tourists.

Having a solid maritime tradition, yacht charter Biograd is famous in this part of the Mediterranean for its marinas, the regattas they organize and the boat shows that draw crowds of enthusiasts on a regular base which include important names from the yachting industry. The most important one of these events happening in Biograd takes place in October so make sure you plan your holiday around that date if you’re into yachts and sailing.

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Sailing in Corfu

With thousands of tourists coming to its shores every year, one can only wonder what are the reasons for this irresistible attraction people have for yacht charter Corfu.

Yacht Charter CorfuThe ancient Greek island and the city which shares the same name have been an important port in the region and a touristic resort of high value which is explained by the high accessibility (there is also an international airport on just 2km from the city), the beautiful scenery and the local architecture which showcases the Venetian rule over the island.

Just like the island of Rhodes, Corfu constitutes a gathering point for yacht charter enthusiasts from all over the world who come here to enjoy the beautiful island and its watery surroundings.

The bits of history present here mimic those found on other islands, let’s say the Cyclades archipelago but hold a degree of originality which has earned Corfu the title of UNESCO Heritage Site.

When it comes to shopping, there are boutiques, shops and stands which sell Greek merchandise that can be found on other islands as well, like the Sporades, but there are a few things you won’t find anywhere else like leather goods, jewelry, handmade needlework and the much appreciated kumquat fruits which were imported here in the early 1800 from Asia.

The local dining scene is somewhat reminiscent of the one found on the Dodecanese islands and indeed in other parts of Greece, one which relies heavily on sea food. Restaurants on the seawalk will try to tempt you with beautiful aromas and unique blends of tastes and colors.

Among the most appreciated events on the island of Corfu is the Ionian Summer Music Academy, when ancient Greek music comes back to life to soothe the ears of modern-day yachties and other tourists alike. That happens during the summer, making these hot months the best time to visit the ancient city on the island, as then you’ll see it come to life in an explosion of colors, sounds and aromas.

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Yacht charter Croatia

yacht charter CroatiaOne of the more popular destinations yet often overlooked destinations in the Mediterranean is yacht charter Croatia which offers a whole different experience than the more “regular” countries in this tourist circuit like Italy, Greece or France for example.

This country has been very popular in the past, for example in Roman times, when the aristocracy used to come and spend summers here in fancy built villas whose remains are still visible to this day. The reasons for this popularity are apparent when you first lay eyes on the lovely shade of blue of the Adriatic waters which seems to contrast so perfectly with the deep green of the pine forests.

The reason why Croatia today is a great holiday destination is because of the 1800km of coastline that offer a wide assortment of sailing opportunities. Apart from that, some of the best resorts and harbor towns in Europe can be found here, places like Biograd, Dubrovnik, Split, Pula, Zadar or Rijeka. Here, you’ll find a unique blend of modern and ancient that resonates in the culture, the cuisine, the architecture and even in the people’s way of life.

When you tire of the busy cities, head out on the water and in the middle of nature as Croatia has some of the most stunning natural parks in the Mediterranean. Out of these, the best known to sailing enthusiasts are the Kvarner Bay, the Kornati archipelago, Dalmatia as well as islands like Krk, Cres and Mali Losinj.

As far as sailing goes, you’ll find that the Croatian seaside is quite skipper-friendly as there are lots of anchoring points, lots of small fishing harbors when you can moor your boat so there’s no need of sailing great distances before reaching a safe anchorage, leaving you with the time to explore the country and enjoy its beauty. Other strong points are the predictable winds and the seemingly endless sunshine throughout the summer months.

The latest survey estimate the total number of berths in yacht charter Croatia somewhere between 15000 and 1600 on the water, with an additional 5000 on land which are divided between some 50 classic marinas which all offer top services for top prices when compared to other, more classical sailing places in the Mediterranean, like Greece.

The advantage of the marinas is that they’re all almost brand new, having been built in the last 30 years and many as early as the last decade. They all keep up to date with the latest development s and offer the best services which is why they ACI marina club was created, a club with international standards that offers prestige to the local establishments and also insures the mooring crews of the quality and professionalism they’ll encounter here.

If prices prove too steep for you or you just want to experience ultimate freedom, don’t forget that Croatia has over 1500 coves out of which 200 are qualified as anchorage points for over 20 vessels. So just mark them on your map and head down to the Croatian stunning coasts.

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